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Weird Holidays From Around The World

There is nothing worse than going on the same boring old holiday wishing you were somewhere further afield and fulfilling. Well here at Visit a lot it’s our sole purpose to bring you the most obscure, remote and weird holidays from around the world. So below you will find every location that we have reviewed, some of them are standard day trips, others are fully fledged holidays, but what binds them all together is their uniqueness and the fact that you are looking at a place that only a small proportion of the world have every visited. That’s what we are all about, providing you with an alternative to the standard beech holiday.  This blog is constantly updating with strange places from every continent, so be sure to check back at regular intervals.    

We’re always on the look out for location reviewers, so if you have visited anywhere weird or unique we would love to hear from you. Just hit the red button in the top of the menu and let’s get the ball rolling. We would also love to hear your comments, so if you have been to any of our locations then let your fellow readers know what you thought, or if there is anything that we have missed that would make their trip even more magical.


Visit Ethiopia

Visit Ethiopia When it comes to finding different holiday destinations, we are the best in the business and you can always rely on us to find you different and interesting places every time. However, there is one continent that we have been slacking on a bit, and that is Africa.

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visit lapland on vacation

Visit Lapland

Visit Lapland On Vacation Lapland is famed for its snow, its ice and of course, It’s wonderful Christmas feeling. And do not us wrong, Lapland is an amazing Christmas place and, if you are lucky, you may be able to see Santa at work. However, for those of a more

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Visit the ice hotel in Sweden

Visit The Ice Hotel Sweden

Visit The Ice Hotel Sweden Here at Visitalot, we absolutely love strange places where you can visit and enjoy a unique experience. This article is one of many that we have advising people on some of the most interesting places to travel and in this latest instalment we have the

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Travel On A Budget

How to Travel on a Budget?

How to Travel on a Budget? Our site Visitalot is based around everything related to travel. In some of our articles we have covered some of the lesser known places to visit in the world such as Afghanistan and Ascension Island. However, one area where we have not written as

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Planninng For Your Dream Holiday

Planning For Your Dream Holiday.

Planning for your dream holiday. What you need to know and do! Many never go on a dream holiday.  They say “one day” and dream, but then postpone a time that may never happen again.  You may want to explore your backyard or go further abroad to immerse yourself in

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Visit Afghanistan

Visit Afghanistan On Holiday

Visit Afghanistan On Holiday Welcome to our Visit Afghanistan guide for travellers. Some may say we have gone too far with this one, but can you please give us the chance to reveal the truth about Afghanistan. Most people only really hear about the country when it comes up on

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visit Transylvania

Visit Transylvania For Your Next Holiday

Visit Transylvania For Your Next Holiday When people see the name Transylvania, most people will think of vampires. This is unsurprising as many books and films link the two directly. However, we want to smash that misconception out of the water and truly revolutionize the way in which you see

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Visit Ascension Island

Visit Ascension Island

Visit Ascension Island Welcome to our latest guide. Visit Ascension Island. We are known for our slightly outlandish holiday destinations, but surely this one takes the proverbial cake. This destination is so obscure that few of the Visitalot team had ever heard of such a place. And yet, despite all

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Visit Mongolia for your next vacation

Visit Mongolia On Vacation

Visit Mongolia on Vacation Mongolia is a strange country. A country that many would struggle to point out on a map, despite its size, and a country that is best known for Genghis Khan than anything else. However, our goal at Visitalot is to turn countries like Mongolia into the

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Visit Beirut for your next holiday

Visit Beirut For Your Next Holiday

Visit Beirut For Your Next Holiday As always on Visitalot, we like to give you reasons why you should visit places. However, unlike any other travel website, the places that we recommend are not your typical locations. In fact, we like to come up with the craziest places to stay

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Visit Greenland -Our Guide

Visit Greenland Our Guide

Visit Greenland – Our Guide Firstly, before we start, we should clarify that Greenland and Iceland are two different countries in different parts of the world. The confusion is obvious because Iceland has more greenery than ice and Greenland has more ice than greenery. However, the country of Greenland has

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Visit Easter Island

Visit Easter Island

Visit Easter Island Easter Island is better known for its funny name than anything else and sadly this means that Easter Island is not the holiday destination that it could be. However, we at Visitalot believe that every place in the world deserves a chance and that is why we

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Visit Antarctica

Visit Antarctica For Your Next Holiday

Visit Antarctica Here at Visitalot, we are the holiday destinations champion. We like to fight the corner of those holiday destinations that you will not find in the guide and you will not see recommended by friends and family. We have articles for all over the world and covering places

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Visit the great wall of china

Visit the Great Wall of China

Visit the Great Wall of China When it comes to popular travel destinations, The Great Wall of China does not come to mind. This seems strange to us here at Visitalot, hence the reason for this guide. We want to put The Great Wall back on the map, so to

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Visit St Helena

Visit Saint Helena

Visit St Helena Saint Helena is small island in the South Atlantic Ocean that many have not heard of. It is actually one of the UK’s overseas territories and lies almost 2,000 kilometres from the coast of Africa. It is a very small island as well, being only 16 kilometres

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Visit Chernobyl

Visit Chernobyl & Surrounding Areas

Visit Chernobyl  Not all holiday destinations can be classified as adventurous, some are simply places that you just have to see in your lifetime. Chernobyl is one of those destinations. As we all know from the press releases and the photographs it was the scene of the world’s worst nuclear

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Visit the Falkland islands

Visit The Falkland Islands

Thought About A Falkland Islands Holiday? The world we live in has the most beautiful and scenic islands, and none more so than the picturesque Falkland islands. Situated off the coast of Argentina, there are two main islands, East Falkland and West Falkland. The Falkland government also act as administers

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Visit Mount Everest on Vacation

Visit Mount Everest On Vacation

Visit Mount Everest On Vacation  It’s inevitable that at some point in our lives, we will all have ‘mountains’ that we will want to scale. While some of these mountains may be insignificant and could be classed as a casual stroll, others may be relatively big and complex but regardless

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visit the amazon rainforest

Visit The Amazon Rainforest

Imagine yourself standing on the base of a dense, lush forest covered in greenery. Now imagine awakening your sense of smell with an indescribable freshness and aroma of lush vegetation and vibrant colours from wildlife. If you love the thought of  stepping foot onto absolute serenity and wonder, then a

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Visit Iran For Your Next Holiday

Visit Iran For Your Next Holiday

So you have been thinking about visiting somewhere different? Well why not consider Iran for your next Holiday?  Sure it’s been in the news a lot lately, but 100,000s of Western tourists take the plunge and go to check out the world renowned hospitality and architecture every single year. Within

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Visit the Galapagos Islands

Visit The Galapagos Islands

Most people have heard about the mind-blowing display of incredible animals and fauna that live on the Galapagos Islands.  Some of which, after a five-week visit in 1835, inspired Charles Darwins’ On The Origin Of Species. By now, most have probably heard the amazing stories or have seen pictures of

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Visit the faroe islands

Visit The Faroe Islands

The Faroe Islands is an archipelago of amazing beauty, where the weather can turn in the blink of an eye. When you check out Google maps it’s quite clear that the islands are really small, but once you set out on foot you might locate places that haven’t yet been touched by human footprints.With expansive cliff faces, spectacular

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