Planning for your dream holiday. What you need to know and do!

Planninng For Your Dream Holiday

Many never go on a dream holiday.  They say “one day” and dream, but then postpone a time that may never happen again. 

You may want to explore your backyard or go further abroad to immerse yourself in some exotic destination.  The world is full of stunning views, fascinating cities and fascinating culture, awaiting discovery.

So where to start?  From booking accommodation to cleaning passports and visas, planning a dream vacation can be overwhelming.  Needless to say, you crawl in before you fall asleep at night.  Did you forget something?

That’s why we’ve created a top-notch detailed guide to planning your dream vacation. To get started, see the topics below.

Choose the right destinations

The best way to avoid stress is to start planning your trip to your dream place on time. First and foremost: which places would you like to go to? Your preferences and travel style can help narrow down your choice of destinations. If you are looking for a classic getaway in the sun and feet in the sand, the pristine beaches of Varadero, Cuba, are a great choice. Are you looking for adventure and ecological discoveries? The lush nature of Costa Rica is calling you! If you love to dance the night away, the legendary Hotel Zone Cancun and its famous nightclubs are what you need. Still, have doubts? Choose your vacation destination based on your star sign or take a look at our top picks below.

Are you travelling alone or with someone?

One of the biggest decisions you need to make is whether to go alone or travel with someone. Both are good options, but the options are clearly different.

Travelling  alone gives you the freedom to go wherever you want. No compromise. You only go where the wind takes you!  However, this means that you have to do all the planning yourself.  This can seem daunting to you if you are new to travel planning.

Travelling with someone means having someone to help you plan your trip.  This speeds up your itinerary exploration and allows you to spend time on the go.  However, sometimes a compromise is needed.  Probably on meals, activities, accommodation.  It depends on you and the person you are travelling with..

Research and Plan

For everyone it would be perfect, listening to a notification that takes you to your dream trip. Browse all day on pages, agencies and portals with one purpose: to find the ticket that suits your pocket or an exact promotion. We know that although, chances are, this route is not very easy. However, we anticipate that to achieve this:

  • Choose which season is cheaper

Did you know that travelling during the week or on Saturday is cheaper? And it is that according to pages of holiday seasons, Friday and Sunday “are the usual days for business trips and for tourists who want to take advantage of the weekend”, that is, if you aim for flights on Tuesday or Wednesday you have more chances of finding an offer.

In fact, the “Flight Prediction” tool is recommended as it can help you identify which day of the week is the cheapest on a specific route.

  • It’s good to compare prices

It is essential to have a minimum, why? Because these portals have references from other airlines . With different options.

“For example, by doing a simple search for flights from London to China and consulting that option, you will be able to find out the average prices of the fares in general and by airline, which day of the week is cheapest to travel and in which weeks of the year there are more fares. cheap”.

  • Look for route options

In case you cannot find the offer you are looking for and it turns out that it is a long-distance trip, the ideal is: search for flights to secondary airports or adding a stopover. What do you think?

  • Information emails from airlines

Do not forget to subscribe or accept to receive offers by mail, as it will allow you to know everything about the offers that an airline launches of the day. This option

They refer you or suggest you follow the social media accounts of the companies that make your dream destinations.

Define your Budget

One of the most important steps in dream holiday planning is to make sure you’re on a budget. By choosing an all-inclusive package, you already have everything you need for your bucket list vacation, like flights, meals, and accommodations. Before choosing the destination, you must be clear about your budget for the trip, taking into account unforeseen expenses. If you are going to a distant country, where you will probably not return any time soon, it is better that you do not travel with the right money, so that you do not have to give up something like excursions or shopping. If you cannot afford a destination because it turns out that it is too expensive for your pocket, it is better to postpone the trip.

So, before venturing to a distant country, better have a clear idea of the money you can spend, not only for the air ticket and the hotel but also for the rest of the expenses.

One trick to save money may be to book your flight well in advance to find attractive prices. Although it seems silly, this also affects the final budget, especially if you travel as a couple or as a family.

Take advantage of the early bird and last minute offers.

Interestingly, there are various travel discounts offered, with particular regard to accommodation, which could significantly save you. With a reduced price of up to 10%, which is very rewarding, especially for those looking for dates in the high summer season! If you are the first to choose, you will have the opportunity to choose the dates that suit you best and at the same time save money. The earlier you start looking for the perfect dream holiday rental, the more options you have. You can also save money when opting for last minute booking, but keep in mind that there are fewer opportunities on offer, especially when you have a luxury villa or beachfront accommodation in mind. In this case, the more you look, the less flexibility and choice of travel, but the discounts tend to be good. In case you want to take advantage of the special accommodation offers.

Find out about the weather

Don’t forget the weather of your chosen destination! It is very important to know what time you are going to find, especially if you are going to a distant country. Hurricanes, monsoons, torrential rain, or 50 degrees in the shade are not worth the risk. To avoid this, it would be enough to find out beforehand and organize the trip in another season.

It is important to investigate not only the weather conditions at the destination and the state of the crowds at certain times of the year, but also the political and civil climate of the holidays. provides travel alerts and tips for anyone planning a trip to another country.  Managed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), this is a powerful tool for providing advice on local laws, security, threats and natural disasters.  It also highlights areas that may be unsafe to travel.

It also offer tips on how to avoid fraud and where to seek medical help when needed to ensure your safety at your travel destination.

Before booking a flight or accommodation, always be informed to better understand what is happening at your destination.

Get Vaccines and basic medicines.

After you have decided on your dream holiday destination, always inform yourself about vaccines, diseases, and the risks that you can incur. Better to go to your health center or your family doctor. They will know how to advise you and provide you with all the information you need.

When talking to your doctor, tell them exactly where you’ll be travelling to, how long you intend to stay, and which activities you’ll be joining.

Common vaccinations for travellers can include:

  • Hepatitis A and B
  • Typhoid
  • Japanese encephalitis
  • Yellow fever
  • Tuberculosis (TB)
  • Rabies
  • Tetanus

Even if you have travelled to your destination before, still recommends you see your doctor, as you may require a booster or there may be new health concerns for the country you’re visiting.

Get a doctor’s note for any medication

If need to take any prescription medication overseas, even over-the-counter medicine, it’s a good idea to get your doctor to write a letter detailing the nature of the medicine, how much you’ll be taking, and whether or not your medicine is for personal use or for someone travelling with you, like a child. It’s also important to travel with all medicine in its original package to help with identification.

Buy travel insurance

Many say, “I’m healthy, but I don’t need travel insurance. I’m not going to get sick.”  Travel  insurance is more than just medical care.  This is triggered when the camera breaks down, the flight is cancelled, the family dies and has to go home or steal something.

Yes, there is an additional cost.  But sorry, it’s always better to be safe.  As I saw directly what was happening on the road, I would not have left home without him.

Unfortunately, bad things can happen during your trip.  True, these events are rare.  However, they can cost thousands of dollars on their own.  If you are not willing to pay out of pocket, buy travel insurance.

Here is my ultimate guide to choosing a good insurance company fro your dream holiday to help you find the best plan for you and your trip.  Learn what to do if you get sick, your flight is cancelled, you get injured, you steal something or you postpone the trip.

Check your travel documents


if you are abroad, you can not get much if you do not have a valid passport. So take the time to arrange your passport or update application. You have to give at least three weeks to get a new passport. However, the time to put it aside for this process increases.

Also, if the passport page is almost fully filled with the brand, you have to get new even if it is worth a few years.

Some countries have to visit a passenger passport after at least six months of validity. If there is no passport, you may refuse the entry.

Your  Visa

The government operating website can provide advice on whether you need a visa. However, it is important to get more information. Check your destination of the embassy or consulate and recognize visa requirements, travel restrictions or prohibited items. For example, in some countries you will be able to have a visa before travel, but others will be able to apply for a visa when you arrive.

Buy your plane tickets (if applicable)

Are the dates of your trip fixed? Now is the time to book your plane tickets, if you are going abroad. Usually, you get better airfares by booking in advance. It is therefore recommended that you get started as early as possible when planning a family vacation. By consulting websites such as Skyscanner, you will find the best prices for the dates you have chosen. Remember that airlines impose a limit on the number of bags each traveller has. So make sure your children are travelling as light as possible. Besides, since it is difficult to supervise both your children and all of your suitcases, make sure your family packs wisely!

Take your time during the visit.

Before concluding your inquiries about your dream holiday destination and before making a single click to confirm your final choice, we recommend that you double-check all the things to do in the destination you wish to visit. People fail to read or know about some of the possibilities offered and calculate a shorter holiday stay than they would if they were familiar with all the possibilities of interest to them. It will certainly happen that you would like to extend your stay, but keep in mind that it would rarely be feasible if you visit during the peak summer period. If you have only a few days of vacation, visiting an Asian capital or an American city would be ideal. If you have 8-10 days to spare, you can choose a relaxing trip on the beach or an excursion not too far away, to avoid spending half your vacation by plane or recovering from jet lag when you return home.

Know the duration your stay

Trying to squeeze as many places as possible isn’t always the best thing to do. Many hotels and private apartments offer long stay discounts (long stay is generally considered longer than three nights in the low season or stay longer than five nights in the high season). The length of your stay can have a significant impact on your destination.  Maybe you can take a vacation at any time, maybe you limit your vacation or other meetings to a specific time frame throughout the year?

If you are looking for a week-long trip, remote parts of Europe may be excluded from the card due to cost and flight time.  But if you stay longer than 3 weeks, it is ideal to travel to some European countries or parts of North America.

Make a list of the things you want to do

There is not always the opportunity to do everything we would like, be it due to lack of time or unforeseen events. Better always to plan some things before leaving, such as excursions or guided tours.

Sometimes it is advisable to book your tickets well in advance (for example, if you are visiting the Alhambra in Granada or the Sistine Chapel in Rome, you may have to book months to avoid queues for hours and hours).

One of the best ways to do this is to write down a list of activities to Begin with. It could be visiting museums, hiking, or days at the beach – whatever these activities are, write them all down. As soon as you have a clear idea, ask yourself which of the following types of destinations would resonate more with your family:

  • The mountains: If your family loves to hike, ski or make the most of the natural environment, it would be fantastic to head to a mountainous destination.
  • The City: If you’re a city-dweller family who likes to explore the food scene of the places they stay, go shopping, or visit historical sites and museums, you’d better choose a popular city destination.
  • Cruising: if you are looking to make your life easier, cruises are an option to seriously consider. Often offered on an all-inclusive basis, they are really fun for the whole family. In general, there are children’s clubs and special entertainment on board these ships, which gives parents time – so rare! – to breathe.
  • The beach: choose a destination located by the sea for your family vacation and you are sure to score good points! Error is almost impossible with this option. Your kids will be able to spend hours playing on the sand and in the water, which might give you the chance to soak up the sun while sipping your favorite cocktail.

Ask yourself what is important to you if there is something you do not want to miss or cannot give up. In this way, you will save time, and you will not miss what you like the most.

Make the reservations:

Booking accommodation/reservations can be very overwhelming;

  • Choose the resort that best suits your type of trip.

You want to make sure you choose a resort that offers all the amenities and services you need depending on the type of vacation you are planning, whether it is a romantic getaway, a family reunion, or a dream holiday with friends. Think about what amenities you think should be offered by your resort. This will help you choose the best location for your travel style. If you like a luxury, you could opt for a property that offers world-class butler service. Couples or groups of friends may prefer an adults-only property, while parents travelling with their little ones will choose a resort instead, which offers mini clubs and babysitting services. Many resorts also offer unique amenities, like wine and tequila tastings in the company of seasoned sommeliers, romantic meals on the beach, and sprawling water parks that will delight children and adults alike.

  • Select the right room category

While on vacation, you will likely spend more time on the beach sunbathing than in your bedroom, however you want to make sure that you can enjoy a comfortable suite to relax in at the end of your days, and preferably with an incredible view. Couples might choose a room with a sumptuous hot tub on the terrace, perfect for spending some dreamy moments watching the sunset. Families, on the other hand, prefer spacious suites where all members can be comfortable together. From overwater bungalows to suites with pool access, there is a spectacular room for every traveller!

Enjoy your Holiday

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