Visit San Marino On Your Next Vacation.

Visit San Marino

Chances are, if you are reading this, you are looking for a destination that is far-too-often
overlooked. We specialize in recommending hidden gems all around the world, so you can
focus on planning a vacation that is out of the ordinary, chalked full of adventures many of
your peers will have never even heard of. If you are looking at a map and deciding where to go
next, the big tourist destinations will immediately jump out at you. If you are anything like us,
you then actively look for the tiny countries on the map- the names you can’t pronounce, or
haven’t seen before. Even if this sounds like you, there is a good chance San Marino has never
popped up on your google searches.

On a map, San Marino is often disguised as a city in Italy, and overlooked, since it is located
entirely inside another country. At only 8 miles wide, it hardly stands out. That being said, San
Marino is packed full of history, culture and activities that will be sure to lure you in. You could
certainly travel San Marino in a day, and see the main highlights, and we won’t blame you if
you do. However, in this article, we will tell you all the reasons why you should consider giving
San Marino a bit more of your itinerary- maybe even an entire dedicated trip! You will learn all
the best things to see and do when to go, how to get there and all the interesting facts you
could ever need to know about this interesting little republic.

I didn't Know That About San Marino

As always, we wanted to provide you with a few interesting facts that will definitely have you
adding San Marino to your bucket list.
-San Marino is the least visited country in Europe with only 2 million tourists per year and
only 1000 hotel rooms available on the island. This makes it the perfect destination for those
looking for a unique experience.

San Marino uses a very unique government system. While operating a a democracy, the
county elects two presidents every six month cycle. After the six month term is over, citizens
can request judicial hearings to address complaints against the heads of state from the
previous term, but only for three days.

San Marino is considered to be one of the wealthiest nations in the world, based on its high
GDP, extremely low unemployment rate and stable economy. That being said, don’t let this
scare you off! San Marino is actually a fairly inexpensive destination.

While San Marino is not a part of the EU, they have been granted special permission to use
the Euro. These rare Euro coins are only minted once a year, and are a really neat collector’s
item to bring home with you.

You do not need a passport to enter the country! That being said, if you’re an avid traveller
who collects stamps, you can collect one (for a small fee) from the tourism office.

San Marino uses a different calendar.

Where is San Marino and How to Get There

San Marino is a small country that is encompassed by Italy- though it is not a part of Italy. It is
perched on Mount Titano and overlooks the Adriatic sea.

Generally speaking, a road trip from Italy is the most effective way to get to San Marino, since
it is not serviced by trains, and it does not have its own airport. You can also take public
transportation from Rimini, if you are okay to travel by bus. It is also worth mentioning that if
you want to have a more unique experience, you can actually enter the country aboard their
the San Marino Cable Car, which departs from the bottom of Mount Titano and carries you
into San Marino City. This is the only place in the world where you can enter the country by
cable car, since there is no formal border control that restricts access. If you do decide to plan
a road trip, , you can either fly into Rimini, or into Bologna which is only an hour and forty
minutes away.  Since the country can be visited in only a couple of days, it may also fit in nicely
to a longer road trip, where you can travel up the coast of Italy and explore popular
destinations such as Puglia,

What Is The Climate Like?

Due to a combination of it’s altitude and its proximity to the water, San Marino experiences a
high amount of precipitation throughout the year. The country does, in fact, experience two
seasons, with and average summer temperature of 22 degrees celsius and an average winter
temperature of 2 degrees celsius, just above freezing. That being said, San Marino does
experience snowfall during their coldest months, and makes an equally good winter
destination. Just be sure to pack enough warm layers and a good jacket for all the walking you
will do in San Marino if you plan on visiting during the colder months.

Where to Stay in San Marino

Perhaps one of the most critical decisions you can make while planning a vacation is where
you will stay. After all, it sets the tone for the entire trip. Are you going on a wild adventure
and camping in the woods? Will you be sneaking away for a romantic getaway full of picnics,
champagne toasts and luxurious bubble baths? Are you looking for some peace and quiet, or
do you want to be in the middle of the action? Regardless of what you are looking for, there is
the perfect hotel for you. We have gathered a few options here that we highly recommend

Hotel Cesare

Hotel Cesare San Marino

Hotel Césare is a four-star, luxury hotel located in downtown San Marino. It is an historic
building, beautifully constructed of old stonework, and is definitely the right choice if you are
looking for a high-end stay with spectacular views. The hotel’s on-site restaurant is highly
regarded as some of the best food in the country, and the balconies are perched overlooking
the mountain peaks. Hotel Césare is definitely the best option for travelling couples looking for
some romance.

Hotel Rosa

Hotel Rosa San Marino

Hotel Rosa is a smaller, boutique hotel that shares much of the historic feel of Hotel César, but
only 18 rooms. It is located right at the bottom of the Guaita Tower, with a gorgeous view of
the valleys. while the rooms are much simpler, you can be guaranteed attentive, personal
service, and a comfortable stay, since this hotel also has a four-star rating.

Titano Suites

For those looking for a little more space and utility out of their hotel experience, the Titano
Suites is the perfect option. While the outside maintains the historic feel of San Marino, the
interior of the suites are high-design with very clean and modern décor. We recommend
booking the Montefeltro suite if you are looking for some added romance, as there is a jacuzzi
on the balcony. The Titano Suites is located centrally in a square of restaurants and attractions,
so if you are looking to be close to the action, this is the place for you.

Things to do in San Marino

Of course, no trip is complete without a little bit of sightseeing. San Marino has several
activities that will suit every type of traveller from foodies, to outdoor enthusiasts to history
buffs. Here are some of our favourites.

Bar Piadineria La Capanna

Bar Piadineria La Capanna

If you are looking to dine with a view, the Bar Piadineria La Capanna is the place for you. Right at the top of the Mount Titano, at one of the three towers, you will be able to see the city below, and an unobstructed view of the Adriatic sea. 

The restaurants at the lookout points are typically known for having poor service, however, Bar
Piadineria is well reviewed and has an extensive wine list for those looking for some libations
to enjoy.

Ristorante RIGHI Osteria

Ristorante RIGHI Osteria

RIGHI is the only Michelin-Starred restaurant in San Marino, and is definitely worth a visit. The restaurant has two sides, with an Osteria and a more formal dining room. However, the Osteria has a much better ambiance and aesthetic appeal.

San Marino Nature Park

San Marino Nature Park

The entirety of San Marino is designated as a Nature Park. This means that if you are up for a little adventure, you can take advantage of over eighty kilometres of hiking trails. If you are staying in San Marino for multiple days, this is a fabulous way to learn about the local flora and fauna. If hiking isn’t your thing, you may also consider renting an e-bike to explore some of the natural areas that are otherwise unlisted by tourists of the city

Three Towers

Three Towers

San Marino has three main lookout towers- Guaita, Cesta and Montale. All
three towers are historic landmarks used as fortresses and prisons in the war, constructed
respectively in the thirteenth, fourteenth and fifteenth centuries. Each requires a small hike
and climb, but once you arrive, you will be met with unparalleled views of the sea. On a clear
day, it is said that you can see as far as Croatia in the distance.

Museo Di Stato

Museo Di Stato

The state museum of San Marino is one of the country’s smallest museums, however, it still boasts 5,000 artefacts. This is the best place to learn about the history of San Marino and it’s interactions with the rest of the world, dating back to the Neolithic era. The museum also has an art gallery, and a large collection of rare coins.

Museum of Ancient Arms

Museum of Ancient Arms

The Museum of Ancient Arms is located at the second tower, Cesta, which used to be a war prison. The museum contains over 2,000 pieces of ancient armour and highlight how weaponry has evolved over time. It is also directly affiliated with Museo Di Stato.


We hope you liked our visit San Marino review. This lovely county nestled in the heart of Italy is just one of the weird vacations listed under our visit Europe category. Why don’t you pop along and see where your next exciting adventure could be?

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