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When people see the name Transylvania, most people will think of vampires. This is unsurprising as many books and films link the two directly. However, we want to smash that misconception out of the water and truly revolutionize the way in which you see the country and the way that you see holidaying in the country. Transylvania is rather unique in this sense because it is not hard to get to and is not expensive to reach either, the only limitation is the one that you place on it yourself. So with that little pep talk over, here is some background information on this fascinating region.

Firstly, before you visit Transylvania you should know that it is not a country but a region. It is a region of Romania, a country in Eastern Europe.  It is in the centre of the country and is famed for its gothic feel- with a number of castles (the most famous one being Bram Castle, the one that houses the story of Dracula), towns and traditional squares. To match this gothic feel, the area has a very distinctive landscape with large swathes of evergreen forest and dramatic rocky hills overlooking the various towns and castles that scatter the region.

Transylvania! That Cannot Be True

Now is time for another round of our surprising facts. For every destination that Visitalot cover we like to provide a few strange facts to stimulate your imagination and get you asking more. So without further to do, here they are…

  • I know we said that the place was not swarming with vampires but, Vlad Dracula was actually a real person. He has been confirmed by historians in the area, however, his occupation as a vampire has never been confirmed.
  • Alongside the huge numbers of beautiful castles and stories of vampires, the area holds a huge number of brown bears. They tend to stick to the mountainous areas, so do not worry. The region houses 60% of the entire European population and what originally started as a population of around 1,000 has grown six times to a population of around 6,000.
  • For those who were fans of the old Top Gear, the better one, then you will be glad to know that in Jeremy Clarkson’s opinion, Transylvania has the best driving road in the world. The road runs 56 miles from Transylvania and Wallachia and is known locally as “the road to the sky”. It took 6,000 tons of dynamite to blast the road out of the rock, but, if you can get a trip around it then it was definitely worth it.
  • There is actually something far scarier than Dracula lurking in the region. Hoia-Baciu Forest is the Bermuda Triangle of Europe and there are multiple stories of locals walking into the forest and never coming back again. There has been every possible mention of paranormal activity and the twisting, snarling trees certainly make it obvious why.
  • Chimney cakes are the sort of sweet treat that you do not expect to find in such an area, however, Transylvania is the homeland of these large, cylindrical cakes. However, before they were known by that name, they were locally called But this understandably never took off and it was in fact its rough translation, “stovepipe”, which then developed in chimney cake which became the recognised name. The way in which the cylindrical shape is achieved is via baking them around a wooden helix and once baked they are dusted in sugar and caramel. They are then often served at weddings.

As per usual, all facts are 100% fact and have hopefully tweaked your imaginative nose to start thinking about your next trip away.

Where is it and What is the Climate Like?

Visit Transylvania

As talked about earlier, Transylvania is a historic region that is located in the country of Romania in eastern Europe. The region is specifically in the centre of the country and is bound to the east and the south by the Carpathian mountain range- something that is a huge factor in the areas striking landscape and general feel of the place.

If you are wondering how you can get there, it is relatively simple when compared to a few of our other locations. The best way to get to Transylvania is via air and you will find that you have a huge number of options when looking at companies that can take you. However, you will need to fly to the capital of Romania, Bucharest and then get either a train or a bus to the Transylvania area. The only other viable option is to get a boat and cruise through the Mediterranean, land at Istanbul and then get another boat from the Turkish capital to the eastern side of Romania. Although, this will be much more expensive than flying and will take longer- but, as with any recommendation, there are upsides and you could turn the boat trip into part of the holiday as well.

When looking at the weather when you visit Transylvania, it follows patterns that are common across the northern hemisphere. The highest temperatures will be achieved in July, August and September where it will peak at 31°C and the average will be in the mid-twenties. However, for most of the summer months, the same average temperature will stay. This makes summer the best time to visit the area as it is warm enough to be nice and yet not too warm to be discomforting. Summer clothes are best for this and you should bring shorts, t-shirts but also mix in a jumper for the cooler evenings.

Where to Stay and What to Do?

Knowing where to stay when you visit Transylvania and what to do is vital for having a good trip. That is why Visitalot have this section to give you a few pointers as to the types of places you can stay and the things you can do.

Savri House

Savri House is a lovely four star right in the middle of the region in question that is sure to only heighten your new Gothic experience. The hotel itself is on the same site as a classic 16th century villa with rooms that mirror this with classic oak furnishings and all of the class and elegance that goes with it. Much like a 16th century villa, the facilities are all you could ask for. There is a bar where you can go for drinks as you watch the sunset and also a lovely outside restaurant where you can further enjoy the sunsets.

If you choose this hotel, then you can be sure that you will never run out of things to do. The hotel is located in the ancient city of Sighisoara and there is plenty of things to do there.

The citadel in the city is but a 6-minute walk away and is one of the great sights of Transylvania and of Romania as a whole. In fact, it is a UNESCO world heritage site and the 13th century Medieval citadel is definitely one to see. It is an excellent style of Gothic architecture, something that defines this part of Romania, and is something that is rarely found outside of this part of the world. Still intact are its nine towers and inside you can find a great deal of history all surrounding Vlad the Impaler, one of Romania’s historical giants.

In the same city is a lovely clock tower that shares a similar history to the citadel. The clock tower is even closer than the citadel with it being 2-minutes closer. However, do not think it is any worse than the citadel. The clock tower is built in the exact same style as the citadel with the two spires looking very similar, and no wonder because the clock as built in the 14th century as it was the iconic main gate to the citadel.  

Fronius Hotel

The Fronius hotel is a lovely 5-star option right in the centre of Transylvania. Much like the above hotel, and keeping with the Gothic theme, this hotel is an old 16th century building that has been converted into a great luxury hotel. Inside you will find an old world bar with a lovely restaurant and rooms that still carry the Gothic charm the rest of the region has.

The Fronius is very close to the above hotel and so you can expect to see all of the same sights as that hotel. However, there are others that you can go and look at such as…

The Monastery Church built in the city in the late 13th century. This is another piece of classic Gothic architecture and is surely one to add to your Gothic sightseeing list. To make things better, it is only a 3-minute walk from the hotel and comes with a 4.5-star rating online.

To bring a fresher feel to the heavy Gothic feel of the city why not take a 20-minute drive over to the Breite Oak Tree Reserve. This makes for a lovely walk and is a nice contrast to the heavy dark wood and stone that is prevalent in the environment around you.

More Hotels In Transylvania

If you’re looking for more hotels when you Visit Transylvania check out our handy link below. this shows in real time the most up to date price based on the location and the surrounding area. Perfect for people who are looking to go on holiday with a budget and for people who want to pay a set price every night,.

Widen Your Horizons

If you feel that our visit Transylvania guide isn’t for you then search away for your next weird holidays or bucket list vacation
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